Carmen Fariña Podcast

Listen to remarks by Carmen Fariña, the keynote speaker at Teachers Network’s Annual Affiliate Meeting, on April 25, 2007. Carmen, the former Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, talks to us about the trend towards incorporating business strategies into education, and what business and education can learn from each other.


One response to “Carmen Fariña Podcast

  1. Suzanne Grenoble

    Today it is easy to feel trapped in education. Stress, exhaustion and burnout, and our reactions to it all cause mental and physical health issues such as depression and chronic illnesses.

    Teachers are hamstrung by budgets, politics and half-baked policies, yet…we still control what we do in our classrooms and our attitude toward it all. We need to continue to stay informed about the world, and integrate technology and new teaching styles, such as cooperative learning, but keep in mind also that we have creative latitude still in our classrooms and in our own minds.

    We may feel trapped but when we are in our classrooms with our kids we need to remember to tap into the freedoms we still have. The freedom to love the kids and to create exciting projects and memorable moments.

    Maybe that is a way through and out of depression and stress.

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